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Filmed On Location

Hijrah is being filmed on location in the Middle East with special investigative report segments filmed in additional settings here in the United States.

Riveting True Story of Hijrah

Powerful fact-based story that will have you on the edge of your seat and ready to demand our government take action NOW.

Solutions & Next Steps

Includes in-depth segments on how you need to prepare for what is coming and what actions you can take to help remedy this national security crisis.



Business Executive Paul Nehlen is no stranger to taking a stand where few are willing to do so. Nehlen recently raised nearly $2,000,000 to challenge House Speaker Paul Ryan in a GOP primary, forcing dangerous legislation like the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be sidelined as a result of his aggressive opposition to Ryan’s big government positions.

Nehlen is again ready to deliver via this ground-breaking documentary project. Hijrah, the story of radical Islam’s global invasion, will expose the truth behind the global refugee crisis and what it all means for the future of America.


Hijrah immerses viewers deep into the dark underworld of the Muslim refugee crisis. The story provides an extensive background into the origins of Hijrah, the true purpose of the refugee invasion happening across the globe and the shocking reality of how our very own government is fueling its rise.



Scenes of chaos are unfolding across the globe as millions of Muslims make their way out of the Middle East and into the west. Western governments are unprepared for the onslaught of Muslim migrants and world leaders appear completely ignorant of what the underlying mass movement is about.

If we’re to believe the words of corporate media, and of course  we shouldn’t, it’s all about human rights with virtually no potential for deadly consequences. But is that really what this is all about?

Is it all a harmless movement of people fleeing their homeland for hope of a better future in the west? Are the millions of Muslims migrating into the nations of the West  willing to integrate into our culture and  way of life?

The following story should shake you to your core being. Because I’m about to show you truth the media is unwilling to share. I’m about to show you how this mass movement of Muslims is carefully and strategically designed to provide cover for something sinister.

I’m Paul Nehlen and this is the story of modern day radical Islamic Hijrah.

Paul Nehlen